How about a plush new solid teak sideboard for your lounge

Tikamoon started out as a furniture company that specialised in bathroom furniture. Realising the potential of the beautiful natural stones and woods of South East Asia, we worked hard to develop a range of solid teak bathroom washstands and carved marble washbasins. As we were designing, developing and delivering these goods ourselves, we were able to offer excellent prices for… Read more →

Opt for a new Chinese style wardrobe for your bedroom

Traditional Chinese furniture has an iconic style. There is a delicacy to the forms of Chinese furniture, which you don’t find in many other styles. Part of an ancient tradition of arts and culture, Chinese furniture is bound to bring something a little bit different to your living room. Tikamoon offer a new range of cupboards and wardrobes that carry… Read more →

Give your bedroom a peaceful new ambience with a bed made from bamboo or driftwood

Asia is the home to some amazing natural resources: Brilliantly colourful stone and minerals, such as marble and igneous rock are mined from stone rock faces and caverns that are chock full of opulent wonders. Meanwhile grains and spices grow abundantly in the fields, where they receive plentiful sunlight and torrential rains. Perhaps no resource has had more practical use… Read more →

Give your bathroom a fresh new look with a solid wood vanity cabinet

Solid wood is the perfect material for bathroom furniture. Unlike porcelain, plastic and other ceramics it retains heat, which means it will make your bathroom feel cosy and warm. Meanwhile, the natural colour tones of the graining in the wood ,will add colour to a space in the home that often feels somehow lifeless and cold. There are a number… Read more →

Add some variety to your bathroom with a washbasin made from marble

Porcelain has become the most common sight in a British bathroom. Porcelain sinks, porcelain toilets, porcelain baths, porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiled worktop surfaces are also an occasional sight. This material has its virtues: It is strong and robust, which means it lasts a long time. It is also cheap, thanks to the availability of the raw materials that are heated… Read more →